Surya (सूर्य) is a Sanskrit (संस्कृत) word that means the Sun.
Synonyms of Surya (सूर्य) in Ancient Indian Literature include: Āditya (आदित्य), Arka (वापस), Bhānu (भानु), Savitru (सवितृ), Pushana (पूषन्), Ravi (रावी), Mārtanda (मार्तंड), Mitra (भागीदारों) and Vivasvāna (व्यर्थजीना).



Chandra (चन्द्र / "shining" or "moon") is a Lunar Deity and is also one of the nine planets, Navagrahas (नवग्रह) in Hinduism (हिंदू धर्म).

- In Mythology, a Lunar Deity is a God or Goddess of the Moon (चन्द्र, Chandra), sometimes as a personification.
These Deities can have a variety of functions and traditions depending upon...



Mangala (मङ्गल, Maṅgala), also known as Lohit (लोहित /meaning: red), is the name for Mars, the red planet, in Hindu texts.
Mangala (मङ्गल) is the God of War, celibate and sometimes linked to god Karttikeya (कार्तिकेय / स्कंद, Skanda).
Mangala (मङ्गल) is also called: Angāraka (अङ्गारक / one who is red in colour), Raktavarna ...



Budha Graha (बुध) is a Sanskrit word (संस्कृत) that connotes the planet Mercury.
Budha (बुध), in Puranic Hindu Mythology (4rth Century), is also a Deity.
- Puranas (पुराण / "ancient, old") is a vast genre of Indian literature about a wide range of topics, particularly myths, legends and other traditional lore.
Budha (बुध)...



Bṛhaspati (बृहस्पति / Brihaspati) is an Indian name, and refers to different mythical figures depending on the age of the text.

In Ancient Hindu literature, Brihaspati (बृहस्पति /Bṛhaspati) is a Vedic era sage (वैदिक / 1500 - 500 BCE), who counsels the Gods, while in some Medieval texts the word refers to the largest planet, Jupiter....



Shukra (शुक्र) is a Sanskrit word (संस्कृत) that means "lucid, clear, bright".

It also has other meanings, such as the name of an ancient sage who counselled Asuras (असुर /Daityas) in Vedic Mythology (वैदिक / 1500 - 500 BCE).
- Asuras (असुर) are a class of Divine beings or power-seeking Deities related to the more benevolent Devas, ...



Shani (शनि, Śani / Śanaiśchara) refers to the planet Saturn.
He is the god of Karma (कर्म), justice and retribution in the Hindu religion and delivers results to all, depending upon their thoughts, speech and deeds Karma (कर्म), which could be a positive or negative impact on their lives.
He also signifies spiritual asceticism, penance, discipline...