सोली धर्म

The energy oils, Soli Dharma (सोली धर्म) are based on ancient Tibetan prescriptions, which originate from the monks of a closed to the public lamasery, located near Dorkhar (दोरखर / Ancient Dukezong / Chinese: 独克宗) in Shangri-la or Zhongdian County (शांगरी-ला, झोंगडियन / Gyalthang, ग्यालथांग / Chinese: 中甸县) that was destroyed by fire in January 2014.

These prescriptions use the core values of Jung Tsee (जुंग तसी, Tibetan Elemental Astrology) that considered as one of the Daśayidya (दसईदीअ, Ten Sciences) and attaches importance to the energy balance of the individuals.

Their special scented ingredients, which were used at mystical shamanic practices, activate, enhance or eliminate the capacities of the Gyu-Kar (गयउ कर, 27 astrological formations of the Tibetan Kar Tsee Astrology, कर टीसी).

The pure, natural ingredients that are used for their preparation are mixed on specific astrological conjunctures, according to the detailed Lunar Tibetan calendar that tags along.
So, the Soli Dharma (सोली धर्म) are being renewed on selected periods, offering to you, the energy that you seek to cover up your needs, your hopes and your expectations.