शुक्र मंत्र

Shukra (शुक्र / Venus) is the planet of love, sensuality, interpersonal relations and money.
It symbolizes the beauty and harmony of the "Aperanto" (Απέραντο, Immense).
It gives birth to the human soul, the "Eros" (Έρως, Love) for its unification with the "Olon" (Όλον, Whole) - its place of origin and destination.

In Buddhist and Hindu Astrology (ज्योतिष, Jyotiṣa or Jyotisha / ज्योतिश्या, Jyotishya), Shukra (शुक्र / Venus) is one of the nine planets, and signifies love, creativity, procreation, luxury and arts.
Shukra (शुक्र / Venus) belongs to Navagrahas (नवग्रह, 9 Astral Bodies or 9 Realms or 9 planets in Hindu and Vedic Astrology / 9 Mythical Deities of Hinduism) and symbolizes harmony and enjoyment.

In Tibet, the monks chant a Shukra Mantra (शुक्र मंत्र) each Shukravara (शुक्रवार/ Friday), calling for the favor of Shukra (शुक्र, Venus) and urging those who are in emotional pursuits or face relationship issues, to do the same.
- The weekday Shukravara (शुक्रवार) in Hindu Calendar, or Friday, has roots in Shukra (शुक्र / Venus).
Shukravara (शुक्रवार) is found in most Indian languages, and Shukra Graha (शुक्र ग्राहा) is driven by the planet Venus in Hindu Astrology (ज्योतिष, Jyotiṣa or Jyotisha / ज्योतिश्या, Jyotishya).
The word "Friday" in the Greco-Roman and other Indo-European Calendars is also based on the planet Venus.

You could read it every Friday, as long as you seek erotic fullness and harmony.
Otherwise, copy it to a clean paper that you will store until next Friday, when you will replace it with a new one, burning the old.

ॐ शुक्राय नमः।

Om Shukraya Namah

The energy oil, Shukra Soli Dharma (शुक्र सोली धर्म) is associated with the beneficial properties
of Shukra (शुक्र, Venus).