"Enlightenment" (बोधि, Bodhi) denotes "the Knowledge or Wisdom, or Awakened Intellect, of a Buddha" (बुद्ध).

The term "Enlightenment" (बोधि, Bodhi) is in the context of Buddhism (बौद्ध धर्म), while the term Buddhi (बुद्धि / बोधि, Bodhi) is also used in other Indian Philosophies and Traditions.
This term was popularized in the Western World through the 19th Century translations of Max Müller (German-born Philologist and Orientalist / December 6, 1823 - October 28, 1900).
It has the Western connotation of a sudden Insight into a Transcendental Truth.

The term "Enlightenment" (बोधि, Bodhi) is also being used to translate several other Buddhist terms and concepts, which are used to denote: Insight (प्रजना, Prajna / 見性, Kensho / 悟り, Satori), Knowledge (विद्या, Vidhya), the "Blowing out" (निर्वाण, Nirvana) of disturbing emotions and desires, the subsequent Freedom or Release (मोक्ष,Moksha / विमुत्ती, Vimutti) and the attainment of Buddhahood (बुद्धत्व, Buddhatva / the condition or rank of a Buddha "Awakened one"), as exemplified by Gautama Buddha (सिद्धार्थ गौतम, Siddhārtha Gautama)