The Full Moon of December 19, 2021, takes place at 27⁰ (27⁰ 28') of the Gemini-Sagittarius axis (Moon in Gemini - Sun in Sagittarius) and at 04:36' AM (GMT).

The Full Moon of December, directly affects the Mutable Cross (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) - (Especially, the born: 06/15-19, 09/17-21, 12/17-21, 03/15-19).
Also, those who have Ascendant, MC and/or Personal Planets (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) from 25⁰ to 29⁰, of the above signs, accept its influence.

With the Full Moon of December 19, 2021, the events, which had begun under the influence of the New Moon/Solar Eclipse that took place on December 4, 2021 and opened the current 28-day Lunar Cycle, culminate.
Plans and situations that started two weeks ago, can now move forward or even be completed, bringing results.
Let us keep in mind that a Full Moon also refers to the issues that started 6 months ago, to the New Moon that had preceded the corresponding Full Moon, so we are referring to June 2021.
The influence of the Full Moon lasts for two weeks, until the next New Moon on January 2, 2022, which will take place in Capricorn (12° 20'), at 18:34' PM (GMT).

The Full Moon of December is called: "Cold Full Moon" or "Full Moon of the Big Night" or "Full Moon of the Oaks" and "Moon before Yule".
The designations, "Cold Full Moon" and "Full Moon of the Big Night", refer to the fact that from now on the nights will be long and cold.
In Europe, it was also called the "Full Moon of Acorns", which is believed to date back to the time of the Druids, when they collected mistletoe from the acorns. ("Druid" means "he who knows / sees the oak")
Finally, its name, "Moon before Yule" or "Yule Moon" comes from the homonymous, three-day, winter festival that had its roots in the 10th century.
At the time, King Haakon had combined it with Christmas, wanting to symbolize the Christianization of Norway in this way.

Because the December Full Moon takes place in the sign of Gemini, it does not create particular emotional tension, as it offers us the opportunity to get rid of anything toxic in our lives.
Perhaps it is the most appropriate time to look calmly and remotely at what is happening around us.
After all, we would like to have more information on the topics or people we are interested in.
Of course, "over-information", gossip and wasting energy without a specific purpose, could lead us to chaotic situations, which is why caution is required.- In general, we could say that the Full Moon in Gemini, deals with situations that concern close relatives and associates.
Also related to communication, education and youth, as well as transportation or travel.

The most important aspect of the December Full Moon, is the exact Trine it forms with Jupiter (Aquarius), which offers us various opportunities to evolve and grow both spiritually and materially.
We could talk about a particularly positive effect that offers us confidence, positive mood and optimism, while it may turn out to be extremely lucky for some.
It depends on our personal astrological chart and the relationship of this particular aspect with our Zodiac Sign, Horoscope or any of our Personal Planets.
In general, we could say that it favors those who have Ascendant, MC and/or Personal Planets (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) from 25⁰ to 29⁰ of Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

In contrast to the above, the December Full Moon forms a Quincunx (150⁰) with the Venus-Pluto (Capricorn) Conjunction, which could cause some tension and nervousness in relationships.
Possibly, under its influence, the problems of some of our relationships may come to the surface and we can no longer tolerate them.
Venus (Capricorn) is still outside the limits of the Ecliptic and its Conjunction with Pluto (Capricorn), intensifies the need for emotional and material stabilization, which now operates on deeper psychological levels.
The relationship of the Full Moon with Venus (Capricorn), reminds us that it takes effort to balance our romantic relationships, while the simultaneous relationship of the Sun (Sagittarius) with Venus (Capricorn), creates stress and pressures us financially.
In addition, we may feel strongly attracted to people who may not be really honest or who are trying to manipulate and control us.

Also, on the day of the Full Moon of December, at 11:18' AM (GMT), begins the Retrograde course of Venus (Capricorn), which will last until 01/29/2022.
The fact that Venus is Stationary to return to Retrograde, a few hours after the Full Moon, suggests that we will get a first taste of the issues that will concern us during its Retrogradation.
In general, the upcoming period will present various difficulties that will act as obstacles in the relationships and will give them a karmic character.
Maybe it's the right time to reflect on our true values, how we commit to a relationship and the importance we attach to it.
We may also have particular issues with our finances, but also with our appearance.
The fact that Venus retrogrades on the practical and effective sign of Capricorn, helps us in our effort to overcome any problems and have the result we want.

Finally, the Full Moon of December 19, 2021, creates a Square with Neptune (Pisces), which is not accurate, but can create confusion, hypersensitivity and possibly lethargy.
This is an inappropriate aspect of making serious decisions related to the course of our lives.
Under its influence, we will tend to idealize persons and situations, while our imagination will gallop and maybe push us to lose touch with logic and reality.
In addition, it strengthens our tendencies to flee or isolate ourselves.
Soli Dharma: Chandra, Rahu, KetuBudha Graha