FULL MOON, JULY 24, 2021



The Full Moon of July 24, 2021, takes place in the 02⁰ (01⁰ 26') of the Leo - Aquarius axis (Moon in Aquarius - Sun in Leo) and at 03:36 AM (GMT).

The Full Moon of July, directly affects the Fixed Cross (Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio) / First Decan (and specifically those who have been born: 01/21-25, 04/20-24, 07/23-27, 10/23-27).
Also, those who are Ascendant, MC and/or Personal Planets (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) from the 00⁰ to 04⁰ of the above signs, accept its influence.

With the Full Moon of July 24, 2021, the events that under the influence of the New Moon that took place on July 10, 2021 and opened the current 28-day Lunar Cycle, culminate.
Plans and situations that started two weeks ago, can now move forward, improve or even be completed, bringing results.
The influence of the Full Moon lasts for two weeks, until the next New Moon on August 08, 2021, which will take place in Leo (16° 14'), at 14:50 PM (GMT).

The special thing about this Full Moon is that it is followed by a second Full Moon in the same sign, Aquarius.
This will take place on August 22, 2021, at 29⁰ (29⁰ 37') of the same axis Leo - Aquarius and at 12:01 PM (GMT).
The two phenomena create a specific context, where the actions that will begin with the first Full Moon will reach a point of completion and end with the second.
Anything that occurs on the first Full Moon, which for any reason may not be properly evaluated or hidden or ignored, returns to the surface in a more intense way, on the second Full Moon of 08/22/2021.

The Full Moon of July is called the Red Deer Full Moon.
This characterization is due to the fact that during this period, red deer begin to develop their silky hair.

The Full Moon of July 24, 2021, brings the individual towards society, seeking a balance between personal desires and the needs of the whole.
It has a revolutionary character in its influences, because it requires us to think not only of our own interest, but to take into account the general interest.
It instructs us to reflect on humanity and our legacies in future generations.
It forces us to care not only for ourselves, but also for others.

At a secular level, the various fronts associated with Aquarius and have already been felt in 2021, are evolving.
Among them are: the unexpected and extreme meteorological or geophysical phenomena, but also the increasing polarization at the political or social level.
However, let us keep in mind that we are still at the beginning of events.

On a personal level, the situations that started earlier, within the month, peak.
Then, maybe we made some moves to change habits, looking for new ways of living or trying to face the challenges, from a different perspective.
Now, all of this is working.
The influence of the Full Moon is more related to our personal relationships and financial freedom.
Under the circumstances, however, it is expected that there will be tensions at various levels, as there will be a sense of criticality and imperative.
It would be prudent to stick to our decisions and avoid anything that could create gaps and lead to separations.
It would be good to know that as in any Full Moon, the culmination of events leads to a clearer view of situations.

The Full Moon of July 24, 2021, creates a Quincunx aspect with Venus, which has passed in Virgo and is in 2⁰.
It is a difficult aspect that brings difficulties in our emotional relationships, but also brings out karmic situations that afflict us.
At the same time, Venus forms Opposition to the Retrograde Jupiter in Pisces, creating irritation, which is intensified by the Fixed Stars involved in the Full Moon.

Also, the Full Moon is in Conjunction with Saturn, which is Retrograde in Aquarius.
The aspect may foretell the restoration of the limitations we experienced in the first months of the year.
Possibly, we feel under suffocating control and lead to reactions, since Aquarius is ruled by the revolutionary Uranus.

The Retrograde Pluto from Capricorn is also involved to the Full Moon of July. (Since the Full Moon in Aquarius, takes place in the interval Saturn - Pluto).
This involvement may emphasize our need to get rid of what hinders our further development and to make bold clarifications in our lives.

Another aspect that collaborates with the Full Moon, is the Quincunx of the Sun with the Retrograde Jupiter in Pisces.
This can bring additional tensions to personal relationships.
This is an aspect associated with greed, addiction and guilt.

In addition, the Conjunction of Venus with Mars, which actively participated in the previous New Moon, continues to affect the Full Moon of July 24, 2021, although the removal of the planets began.
Mars is in the last degrees of Leo, while Aphrodite has begun its course in Virgo.
The aspect is related to the economy, the revelation of scandals and the social uprisings.

Finally, the Full Moon of July, is in Conjunction with the star Altair, which is associated with intense passions, imposing character, strong will, insight, inexhaustible imagination and penetrating mind.

All the aspects associated with the Full Moon of July 24, 2021, indicate a great release of energy, but also a lot of irritation.
The strong desire to achieve our goals may create tensions and controversies in our personal lives.

Soli Dharma: Chandra, Rahu, KetuPrajapati