APRIL 27 2021  

The Full Moon of April 27, 2021, takes place in the 7th degree of Scorpio (07o 06΄), in the axis Taurus - Scorpio (Moon in Scorpio / Sun in Taurus) and at 04:21 AM (GMT).

- The Full Moon of April, directly affects the Fixed Cross (Taurus - Leo - Scorpio - Aquarius) / First Decanate (and specifically those who have been born: 04/25-29, 07/28-08/02, 10/28/-11/02, 01/26-30).
Also, those who are Ascendant, MC and/or Personal Planets (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) from the 05th to 09th degree of the above signs, accept its influence.

- With the Full Moon of April 27, 2021, the events that had begun under the influence of the New Moon, which took place on April 12, 2021 and opened the current Lunar Cycle of 28 days, culminate.
Their final results will appear with the New Moon of May 11, 2021, which will take place in Taurus (21° 17'), at 20:58 PM (GMT).

- The Full Moon of April, is the first Supermoon of the year. (The Moon approaches the closest point of its orbit, with the Earth and gives the impression that it is bigger and brighter)
This Full Moon will be only 357,378 kilometers from Earth.
It will also appear 30% brighter and 14% larger than a typical Full Moon.
The next Supermoon will take place on May 26, 2021, at 11:13 AM (GMT), in Sagittarius (05° 25') and coincides with the first Lunar Eclipse of the year.

- The Full Moon of April is called the Pink Full Moon.
This designation is not due to its color (although it may appear pink in some cases), but because it coincides with the Spring period in the planet's Northern Hemisphere.
According to tradition, this name was given by some Native American tribes and comes from a pink flower, the Wild Ground Phlox or Moss Phlox (Phlox Subulata) that grows in parts of North America during Spring.
Other names for the April Full Moon are: Sprouting Grass Moon, Fish Moon, Hare Moon and Egg Moon. (Hare Moon is also used for the May Full Moon)

- Under the influence of the April Full Moon, we must first preserve our secrets, if we do not want or should not be revealed.
It will shed light on our innermost feelings, sensitivities and insecurities.
This might bring us in contact with truths we have avoided.
So we must manage the realizations that will bring to a deeper level, influencing our action.
Nevertheless, while it will cause tension that may trouble us, it will also suggest alternative ways to get out of stressful situations.

- Also, the Celestium of the four planets (Sun, Uranus, Venus, Mercury) located in Taurus, enhances the energy of the Full Moon, which could undermine relations and collaborations.
In particular, the Opposition that forms with Uranus, which is its main aspect, suggests that it is a very dynamic and subversive Full Moon.
Moreover, the simultaneous presence of Lilith (Black Moon) in Taurus, supports our strong need for mental release and general detachment from persons or circumstances that no longer have value for us.
The situation created, pushes us to revisions and changes.

- Also, the Square formed by the Full Moon with Saturn in Aquarius, forces us to resolve older issues that hinder our progress.
Our relationship with anything we considered established, is being shaken.
We realize, however, that we need to move prudently, avoiding impulsive actions.
Our action should be cool and detached, seeing the bigger picture and using logic.

- The Full Moon in Scorpio, also forms a powerful T-Square with Saturn and Uranus.
Under its influence, there will be a strong charge on an emotional level, as it will make particularly felt any oppression we feel and will emphasize our desire for more freedom.
These are accumulated situations that are expected to break out, so we must try to find timely solutions that would provide relief.

- In addition, the position of Mars in Cancer, where it is in decline, may emphasize our inability to act, on a practical level, but may be the hidden motive force needed to sever ties that do not work for us.
Nevertheless, the Trine formed by the Full Moon with Mars, can lure us to believe that we are sufficient with what is offered to us, so that we do not proceed to action.

- Also, Neptune located in the 22nd degree of Pisces, indicates obsessive and aggressive behaviors that could cause conflicts.

- Also, the Full Moon of April 27, takes place shortly before the Retrograde of Pluto in Capricorn and pushes us to consider whether we have the power within us, to change the situations that burden us.
We might think about the issues we cannot deal with and realize that we are wasting our energy, on cases or people we should not.

- Finally, the Full Moon is in Conjunction with Gacrux in the Southern Cross (Gamma Crucis), which is one of the most ominous stars in the celestial sphere.
This aspect aggravates the atmosphere created, requiring caution, prudence and sound management.

- In conclusion, this is a difficult and painful Full Moon, which knocks down, releases and tests, bringing about significant clarifications and multifaceted pressures.

- On a cosmic level, there may be a surge of geophysical and meteorological extreme events.
Political and social unrest is very likely, while economic and security issues may be the cause of tensions.

Soli Dharma: Chandra, Rahu, Ketu, Yam, Lilith, Yeshe Tsogyal