LOSAR 2148


(HAPPY 2148)
2021 of the Gregorian Calendar is 2148 of the Tibetan Calendar.


New Year in Tibet, also known as Losar (लोसर), is the most important date in the Tibetan Calendar.
The celebrations last fifteen days, with the most important taking place during the first three days.
Losar (लोसर) starts on the first day of the first month of the Tibetan Calendar, which is based on the Lunar Calendar.
Quite often, Losar (लोसर) and Chinese New Year begin on the same date, but this is not always so, and the differences can be as small as one day or as great as an entire lunar month.

The Tibetan New Year of 2148 (लोसर, Losar), is on February 12, 2021 of the Gregorian Calendar.
The New Year is the Year of the White Female Metal Ox (बैल वर्ष वर्ष / 牛年), which will last until January 30, 2022 of the Gregorian Calendar.
- The Gregorian Calendar is the calendar used today in the Western world.
It is a variation of the Julian Calendar used from the 1st Century BC, which was suggested by the Neapolitan physician, Aloysius Lilius (Luigi Lilio, 1510 - 1574).
It was established on February 24, 1582, by Pope Gregory XIII (January 7, 1502 - April 10, 1585 / Ugo Boncompagni), from whom it took its name. (The Papal Bull, Inter Gravissimas was signed in 1581 for unknown reasons, but was printed on March 1, 1582).

2021 is a Year of Empowerment and is associated with the Earthly Branches (Terrestrial Branches / 地支 / Dì Zhī), Chǒu (丑).
According to the Theory of Yin and Yang (阴阳 / Yīn Yáng), 2021 as the Year of the Metal Ox is Yin (陰).

The Ox (भेंस / 水牛) is the second after the Mouse (मछलियां / 二頭肌) sign of the Tibetan and Chinese Zodiac.
It represents strength, industriousness, integrity, peace and tranquility.
2021 requires hard work, determination, confidence in our strengths, discipline and dedication.

The element of 2021 is Metal (धातु / 金).
Metal symbolizes endurance, hard work, durability, resistance, devotion and contribution of the individual to society.

The Celestial Stem (天干 / Tiāngān / Heavenly Stem) of 2021, is the Xīn (辛 / ㄒㄧㄣ / シン / かのと / 신).

The directions of 2021, according to Eastern Cosmology, are:
The auspicious directions: East, South East (東,東南).
The directions of wealth: Northwest (西北).
The directions of love: North (南).

The colors that balance the energies of the five elements of the Tibetan and Chinese Horoscopes according to Eastern Cosmology and Feng Shui (風水), for 2021, are: blue (藍色), yellow (黃色) and green (綠色).
The colors we should avoid are: red (紅) and brown (棕色).

The lucky numbers of 2021, are: 1, 4.
The numbers we should avoid, are: 3, 6.

The auspicious months of 2021 are: April, September and December.
The months that require our attention are: May, June and July.

The flowers that enhance the energy of 2021 are: Kamudini (कामुदिनी / 卡米迪尼 / Lily of the Valley / Convallaria Majalis) and Dracaena (लकी बाँस / 幸運 竹 / Lucky Bamboo / Dracaena Sanderiana).