The New Moon of November 04 2021, takes place at 13⁰ of Scorpio (12⁰ 40'), at 21:14' PM (GMT).

The New Moon of November affects us all, but mainly the Fixed Cross (Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus, Leo) / Second Decan.
Particularly affected are those born: 11/02-06, 01/30-02/03, 04/30-05/04, 08/02-06.
Also affected are those who are Ascendant, MC and/or Personal Planets (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) close from 10⁰ to 14⁰, with a deviation of 2⁰ (08⁰ - 16⁰), of the above signs.

With the New Moon of November 04 2021, a new 28-day lunar cycle opens.
The events and developments that will take place under the influence of the New Moon, will culminate until the next Full Moon of November 19, 2021 (Castor Full Moon), which will take place in Taurus (27⁰ 14'), at 09:02' AM (GMT) and will be simultaneously a Partial Lunar Eclipse.
Their final results will appear with the New Moon of December 04, 2021, which will take place in Sagittarius (12⁰ 16'), at 07:34' AM (GMT) and which will be simultaneously a Total Solar Eclipse.

The November New Moon launches the second Season of Eclipses of the year (followed by a Lunar Eclipse during the month and a Solar Eclipse in December), so now, it is essentially a new beginning that is important in our lives and that will bring long-term results beyond the usual period of influence of each New Moon.

The New Moon of November is inauspicious and aggressive.
The conditions created are not easy and we must be prepared for everything.
Under its influence, we are irritable, violent, vindictive, selfish and passionate.
Our fears and repulsions come to the surface, filling us with negative emotions that we have to manage.
Sudden changes, unexpected developments and chaotic situations upset us.
Caution and prudent moves are required, as situations may lead to extremes and conflicts, which may be unavoidable.

At a social level, the November New Moon forms aspects that affect developments.
For Greece, they are proportional to the conditions created by the ominous New Moon of last August 2021 (disasters from large fires).
Thus, it is very likely that we will face intense geophysical or meteorological phenomena.
We may also witness acts of violence or fanaticism and terrorist attacks.
General discontent is peaking and may trigger political developments.
Various military actions and provocations, as a show of force, may intensify the explosive atmosphere.

The New Moon of November, forms Opposition with Uranus (Taurus / Retrograde).
Uranus is the planet of the unpredictable and the overthrow.
The aspect characterizes a particularly subversive, dynamic, unpredictable and explosive period.
During it, anything is possible.
So let us be ready to handle whatever arises, from impressive developments to frictions and ruptures.
At the same time, it would be prudent to tame the strong tendency of impulse and freedom that will overwhelm us.
Maybe we want to live everything to the fullest, without rules.
However, this can create chaotic situations, where everyone will do what they want, ignoring the consequences.
Thus, because no one will have the desire to compromise, a definite end can be given to relationships and situations.

At the same time, the November New Moon forms a Conjunction with Mars (Scorpio).
The aspect further complicates situations, pushing us to impulsive reactions and hasty behaviors.
Let us keep in mind that the sudden changes of the period, can lead us, among other things, to exciting opportunities, which we must manage properly and soberly.
Calmness is therefore required, but it will be difficult to maintain with the involvement of Mars in the phenomenon.

Also, the New Moon of November, takes place in a Square with Saturn (Aquarius).
Saturn is the planet of limitations, difficulties and challenges.
The aspect adds to the already explosive mix, restrictions, depression, dissatisfaction, stubbornness, and insincerity.

Among other things, the combination of the Opposition of the New Moon with Uranus and the Square with Saturn, can bring unexpected encounters with people who have played or will play a decisive role in our lives.

Nevertheless, the auspicious Sextile of Venus (Sagittarius) with Mercury (Libra) participates in the phenomenon, which offers a way out of the tense and uncomfortable situations, through diplomacy.
At this time, it would be wise to be open-minded and try to be more compromising.

Finally, the November New Moon takes place in a Conjunction with the Fixed Star, Alphecca (13⁰ Scorpio) which is of the nature Aphrodite - Mercury.
The aspect opposes the incalculable energy of Uranus, trying to normalize the conditions created.

Soli Dharma: Chandra, YamRahu, Ketu