The New Moon of October 06 2021, takes place at 13⁰ of Libra (13⁰ 24'), at 12:05΄ PM (GMT).

The New Moon of October, affects us all, but mainly the Cardinal Cross (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) / Second Decan.
Also affected are those who are Ascendant, MC and/or Personal Planets (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) close to 13⁰, with a deviation of 2⁰ (12⁰ - 14⁰), of the above signs.

With the New Moon of October 06 2021, a new 28-day lunar cycle opens.
The events and developments that will take place under the influence of the New Moon, will culminate until the next Full Moon of October 20, 2021 (Full Moon of the Harvest), which will take place in Aries (23⁰ 53'), at 15:57΄ PM (GMT).
Their final results will appear with the New Moon of November 04, 2021, which will take place in Libra (12⁰ 40'), at 19:14΄ PM (GMT).

The New Moon of October is inauspicious and we should be especially careful in matters of communication, relationships and collaborations.
It may also create problems in technology and transportation.
Finally, as with any New Moon, meteorological and geophysical conditions are affected.

Because the October New Moon takes place in Libra, which refers to balance, harmony, beauty and justice, every effort to achieve them should be aided.
Unfortunately, the Retrograde Mercury in the same sign, brings various obstacles that may make us experience various disappointments or feel that we are facing dead ends.
These negative emotions, and the general dissatisfaction, peak and cause intense anger and reactions.

The aspects created by the October New Moon are dominated by: the Conjunction with Mars (Libra) and the Quincunx (150⁰) aspect with the Retrograde Uranus (Taurus).

Under these circumstances, Mars manifests the negative side of its influence, which is characterized by haste, reckless impulse, reaction to the rules, rebellious mood and carelessness that may lead to accidents.
The created conditions are made more difficult by Uranus, with unpredictable events, tensions and aggression.

Also, the New Moon of October, takes place in Opposition with Chiron (Aries), who is also in Opposition with Mars (Libra).
At the social level, this astrological conjuncture reinforces tensions, fanaticism, strong reactions, controversies and racism.
There may be incidents of domestic violence or vendetta.
The risk of earthquakes or weather conditions accompanied by evacuations is very likely.

Also, the New Moon of October 6, 2021, forms a Trine with the Retrograde Saturn (Aquarius).
At the social level, the face is a warning for misconceptions, so it would be wise to listen to the various views before reaching conclusions and not be carried away by propagandistic or provocative practices.
On a personal level, it may be an auxiliary Trine in matters related to our responsibility and sense of duty, but we must be careful because given the circumstances, there is a risk of being manipulated by others.

Finally, the October New Moon takes place in the Constellation of Delta Corvi (Al Ghurab, Orebh or Orev) and all its Stars are in the Second Decan of Libra, which makes the balances more fragile.
The participation of Asteroids: Justitia 269 (Divine order, power, justice) and Karma 3811 (Karma, rebirths), contributes to this.
These Asteroids have a karmic and vengeful character.

Soli Dharma: Chandra, ShukraRahu, Ketu