NEW MOON, JULY 10 2021



The New Moon of July 10, 2021, takes place at 18⁰ of Cancer (18⁰ 01'), at 02:16΄ AM (GMT).

The New Moon of July, directly affects the Cardinal Cross (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) and most strongly those born in the Second Decan, who will be in a period of reorganization and new beginnings.
Its effect will also be felt by the other Water signs (Scorpio and Pisces), as well as the Earth (Taurus and Virgo).
Also, those who are Ascendant, MC and/or Personal Planets (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) in the above signs, accept its influence.

With the New Moon of July 10 2021, a new 28-day lunar cycle opens.
The events and developments that will take place under the influence of the New Moon, will culminate until the next Full Moon of July 24 2021 (Red Deer Full Moon), which will take place in Aquarius (01⁰ 26'), at 03:17' AM (GMT).
Their final results will appear with the New Moon of August 08 2021, which will take place in Leo (16⁰ 14'), at 14:43' PM (GMT).

The New Moon of July, calls us to attend to what we love most in our lives and to take care of it.
Under its influence, it is very important to listen to our feelings and express them.
Possibly, we would feel emotionally insecure and would seek more confidence.
The most favorable period of its influence is the ascending phase of the new Lunar Cycle, from the 10th to the 24th of July (with the next Full Moon).
At this time, it would be right to strengthen the areas of our lives that are suffering.

This New Moon is the first after an intense period of Eclipses, which means that we must incorporate the changes that have occurred in recent months into our lives.
In this process, it would be wise to follow our intuition, because the phenomenon takes place in Cancer.
For the same reason, the New Moon of July is related to issues concerning our home, family, homeland and roots.
Cancer is ruled by the Moon and in addition to all these, it also represents our soul and the feelings of security or insecurity we feel.
The issues that the New Moon brings to the surface, concern our need to belong somewhere.
The nature of Cancer helps us to build relationships, based on emotion and this will be the guide of the choices we will make during this time.
Possibly, it will offer to some ones, opportunities for new acquaintances and entering into relationships.
In addition, Cancer is a very protective sign that loves, cares and protects what is important to it.
So it may help us to improve some relationships and have a more emotional approach to those we care about.
Maybe, it is time to realize that we are worthy of love and to open up to experience it, appreciating all aspects of ourselves.
Let's start with this New Moon, to take care of ourselves and those we love.

The New Moon of July, forms a Trine with Neptune, which is in Pisces.
This aspect urges us to trust our intuition and pay special attention to the awakening energy we receive.
It would be prudent to observe any coincidences that occur, as they may provide useful information for what does not reach the surface.
Otherwise, it is a New Moon that everyone will freely express, what they want.

At the same time, the New Moon of July, forms an Opposition to Pluto, which is in Capricorn.
Under the influence of this aspect, we are overwhelmed by strong emotions that can be unstable when they emerge, causing an explosion.
It would be wise to filter them and, if necessary, to stifle them.

Simultaneously with the New Moon of July, affects the Conjunction of Venus and Mars from the 15⁰ and the 17⁰ of Leo.
They form Opposition to Saturn from Aquarius and Square with Uranus from Taurus.
This is a very powerful T-Square between Saturn, Uranus, Venus and Mars.
This is translated into unexpected events and twists in emotional and financial matters.
The Fixed Cross (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) of the Second Decan is particularly affected.
On a cosmic level, the Conjunction of Venus and Mars, prepares us for an explosive summer with important political, international developments. (The last time it took place in the sign of Cancer, was on July 16, 2015, bringing elections, terrorist attacks, earthquakes, accidents, etc.)

Finally, the New Moon of July (but also the Venus / Mars Conjunction), is in Conjunction with the Fixed Stars: Wasat, Castor (with a difference of 02⁰ 30') and Canopus (with a difference of 02⁰ 47').
Wasat may emphasize our pessimism, while a cosmic level, is linked to violence, abuse, chemicals and poisons.
Castor deals with occult issues, while on a social level, it refers to serious accidents and heinous acts.
Finally, Canopus predicts problems with parents, financial losses and the risk of accidents.

Soli Dharma: Chandra, Rahu, Ketu, Buddha Dakini / Lilith