The Partial Lunar Eclipse of November 19, takes place in the 27⁰ (27⁰14΄) of the Taurus-Scorpio axis (Moon in Taurus - Sun in Scorpio).
Its duration will be 106 minutes (3 hours / 28 minutes / 23 seconds) and it will be the largest Lunar Eclipse of the Century (from 1440 to 2669).
It culminates at 09:57':17'' A.M. (GMT / 11:57':17'' A.M. Greek time, UTC + 02: 00) and is not visible from Greece. (It will be visible from North and South America, Australia, parts of Asia and parts of Europe).
It is the only Eclipse in the 21st Century that will pass over the North Pole.

It is the first of a series of Eclipses in the fixed signs of Taurus and Scorpio, which will take place over the next two years.
Specifically, we will have a total of 6 Eclipses by Spring 2023, in this zodiac axis.

The next Eclipse will be Solar and will take place on December 4, 2021, at 12⁰22' of Sagittarius.

A Lunar Eclipse is always a Full Moon.
This Full Moon is called "Beaver Moon".
According to Native American and Early Colonial Tradition, this Full Moon coincides with the time when traps were set up to catch beavers and take their skins to keep warm during the coming winter months.
The November Full Moon is also called the "Frozen Full Moon", as the month introduces lower temperatures.

Plutarch (Ploútarchos, 46-119 AD) wrote that the transfer of souls to and from the Moon, takes place through the cone of the shadow formed during the Eclipses.
On Solar Eclipses, souls are transported to Earth for incarnation.
On the Lunar Eclipses, the souls that were waiting on Earth, are transported to the Moon, where they will be until they are judged and transported where they deserve.

The Ancient Greeks were studying the movements of the Moon.
Thus, they knew exactly its Phases, the Full Moons, its Nods, the Arches, the Pericenter and the Apocenter, the Perihelion and the Aphelion, the Perigee and the Apogee, and many more.
They even knew the calculation of the Eclipses, based on the Metonic cycles.
The Metonic cycle results from the equation of 19 years with 235 lunar months, when the Moon returns to the same position, and so we have an Eclipse with a similar geometry.
The Metonic circle was named after the astronomer Meton of Athens (5th Century - 460 BC), in 432 BC.
Xenophanes (c.570 - c.478 BC) and Herodotus (c.484 - c. 425/410 BC), report that Thales of Miletus (c.624/623 - c.548/545 BC), first predicted an Eclipse of the Sun, in the first half of the 6th BC. Century, without knowing the Metonic cycles.

If we use the Metonic cycles, we will see that similar Moon Eclipses occurred: on September 15 1913, on September 26 1931, on October 07 1949, on October 18 1967, on October 28 1985 and on November 09 2003.

The Eclipse of November 19, belongs to the cycle Saros 126 and is the first Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, after 2014.

The Partial Lunar Eclipse of November 19th concerns us all.
But mainly, it affects the Fixed Cross (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius).
Primarily accept its influence, those born in the Third Decan, but also those who have Personal Planets (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) from 25⁰ to 29⁰ of the above signs.
Its effect, depending on its duration (3 hours / 28 minutes / 23 seconds), will be approximately 6 to 7 months.
Sometimes, however, the events that may occur during the period of its influence may last even longer.

In general, Eclipses bring catalytic changes, revelations, major upheavals and possibly the end of relationships.
Eclipses are always unpredictable and their consequences could be either negative or positive.
That is why a more conservative attitude towards whatever arises is recommended.
We could say that many times, Eclipses create karmic events in our lives, in order to evolve and progress.
But surely, the Lunar Eclipse of November 19 brings unexpected situations, so it would be wise to remain cool, concentrated on our priorities and focused on our goals.

Because it takes place on the Taurus-Scorpio axis, it is related to material goods (Taurus).
Thus, in the financial sector, it will be prudent to watch our expenses and to show a more rational management of our relevant affairs (especially those concerning our real estate and various transactions).
We should not jeopardize our financial stability under any circumstances.

We also need to be very sensitive about health issues.
We must pay attention to our diet and take care of our physical condition.

The ruler of the November Eclipse is Venus and this suggests that we may face difficulties in our relationships (romantic, friendly, professional, etc.).
Those who are directly affected by the phenomenon will experience more intense problems in their collaborations.

Globally, the November 19 Lunar Eclipse will exacerbate issues related to the global economy, labor and climate change.
Extreme meteorological or geophysical phenomena may occur.

Examining the astrological chart of the November Eclipse, we see that it takes place in Opposition to Mercury, in Square with Jupiter, in Square with Saturn, in Trine with Pluto, in Conjunction with Uranus and in Conjunction with the North/True Node.
Also, the Opposition of Mars with Uranus, remains activated with a difference of 1⁰.

The Fixed Stars that participate in the Lunar Eclipse, is the Sedna (Taurus) with whom he is in Synod by difference of 1⁰.
Sedna indicates extreme weather changes and intense geophysical phenomena (volcanic eruptions).
Also, Toliman who is in Conjunction with the Sun (Scorpio), with a difference of 2⁰.
Toliman is associated with periods of intense stress and provokes uprisings against any restriction of liberty.
Also, Mars, which has an important role in the phenomenon, is in Conjunction with Alphecca and Acrux, causing strong revelations that will create upheavals and issues.
In addition, Jupiter (Aquarius) creates a Trine with Spica, trying to restore harmony and balance.
To this end, contributes its exact Square, with Capulus and Algol, which helps to eliminate the division of peoples.
Also, the North/True Node, which is in Conjunction with the Eclipse, forms a parallel Conjunction with Alcyone (Pleiades).
This intensifies the general pain and sadness that prevails with the effect of the phenomenon.
Finally, Uranus creates Opposition with Alphecca and Acrux, which intensifies the dangers, violence and losses of the period.

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