The Annular Solar Eclipse of June 10, is the last Eclipse of the summer.
It takes place at 19⁰ (19⁰ 47′) of Gemini and ends at 11:52′:28″ A.M. (GMT / 13:52′:28″ P.M. Greek time, UTC + 02: 00).

The scientific name of the phenomenon, "Annular Solar Eclipse" is due to the fact that the Moon does not completely cover the Sun (leaving a ring of light around its perimeter), as in a Total Solar Eclipse, in which it is located at the right distance from the Earth, so that there is complete shading.
The last Total Solar Eclipse took place in 2017, while the next one is expected in 2024.
Another rare aspect of the Solar Eclipse of June 10, is that it will occur close to Sunrise, in many locations.
There, on a flat horizon to the east, as the Sun rises, it may seem like it has horns, instead of its usual convex disk.

The Solar Eclipse of June 10, will not be visible from Greece.
It will be visible from large parts of North America and Europe.
In a small part of Canada, Greenland and Siberia, they will have the opportunity to see its most impressive part, the so-called "Ring of Fire", as the moon will cover the entire sun except the its perimeter.

The Solar Eclipse of June 10, completes the first wave of Eclipses of the year.
The next wave of Eclipses is placed in the last two months of 2021.
(19.11.2021, Moon Eclipse at 27⁰14′ Taurus / 04.12.2021, Solar Eclipse at 12⁰22′ Sagittarius)

The Solar Eclipse of June 10, belongs to the Saros cycle 147.
Eclipses of this kind, are repeated every 18 years, 11 days and 8 hours.
The last time we had a similar Eclipse was on May 31, 2003.
In the past, they had happened: in 1931, in 1949, in 1967 and in 1985.
The influence of the June 2021 Eclipse, will play an important role in the developments between 2023 and 2025.

A Solar Eclipse is always, at the same time New Moon.
This means that it usually coincides with big and varied changes in our lives.

Plutarch (Ploútarchos, 46-119 AD) wrote that the transfer of souls to and from the Moon, takes place through the cone of the shadow formed during the Eclipses.
On Solar Eclipses, souls are transported to Earth for incarnation.

The monks of Tibet believe that the Solar Eclipses open Energy Gates, which bring back memories from our previous incarnations, for the purpose of our inner purification from the negative charges of the past.

In a Solar Eclipse, the Moon is located near the North Node, creating the ideal conditions to develop a superior intuitive - spiritual function.

In general, it is believed that the Solar Eclipses activate the part of our personal Astrological Chart, which we should deal with, more carefully.
They show us a different way of approaching the issues of the past, which are related to it and push us to deal with them more seriously.
Thus, we may be able to heal existing wounds and concentrate on issues of the present, which also require our attention.

Of course a Solar Eclipse concerns us all.
But mainly, it affects the signs of the Mutable Cross (Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces).
Gemini and Sagittarius are primarily affected (more specifically, those born 06/09-11 and 12/11-13), while Virgos and Pisces are secondarily affected (more specifically, those born 09/11-13 and 03/09-11).
It also affects those who have Personal Planets (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) from the 18⁰ to the 20⁰ of the above signs.
Those born on 01/01 and 07/02 or those who have a planet in the 10⁰ of the Cancer - Capricorn axis, are affected from the Antiskia of this Full Moon.

The fact that the Solar Eclipse of June 10, occurs in Gemini, means that our mind will be restless and will work at higher speeds.
We will be more flexible, curious and daring.
We will seek pleasure in every way, and for that reason we may become more manipulative.
At the same time, our nervous system will be more sensitive, while the confrontation of our duties and passions will charge us emotionally.
Since Gemini is a double sign, it means that on a personal level, we can begin to expose the hidden sides of ourselves, our true thoughts and feelings.
In a sense, this shows that we realize for ourselves, things we refuse or simply had not noticed before.
In addition, the conditions created may give us an opportunity to evolve into a world that is constantly changing.
Although it will be difficult to feel comfortable with the new data, we will have to adapt or pretend to adapt, since pretending is one of the qualities of Gemini.

The Conjunction of the Solar Eclipse with Mercury, which is Retrograde, will intensify our nervous disorder and emotional instability.
Confusion will be pervasive, and there will be communication problems.
This Eclipse will be full of thoughts and ideas, while situations will continue to change, to take their final form, later in the future.
Our plans will change very quickly, as they will be affected by the difficult conditions in various sectors (travel, agreements, etc.).

The Square created by the Solar Eclipse of June 10, with Poseidon from Pisces, will enhance the general confusion.
Under the influence of this aspect, we should be very careful in the information we receive, as there will be a lot of false news.
There will be great deception, but also a strong tendency for carelessness, deceit, betrayal and aggression.
So we need to slow down our movements, to thoroughly control the facts, before making decisions.
We must approach situations objectively in order to evaluate them correctly.
It would be wise to be spiritually alert, because we may hear a lot of lies.
We should not beautify things and live in illusions.
It is natural to want to believe in pretty words, but we must be very careful.
On a personal level, problematic relationships can be found very close to dissolution or the existence of a third person in the equation can be revealed.
In general, we need to walk in this unstable and fluid landscape with confidence, courage and honesty.

Simultaneously with the Solar Eclipse of June 10, it affects the Square of Saturn (Aquarius) and Uranus (Taurus), which is activated for the second time in 2021.
Its influence, starting from this Eclipse, will continue to destabilize the situation globally.
Major scandals may come to the surface and there may be problems in the economy.
Also, unstable meteorological conditions and geophysical phenomena are very likely.

Also, the Eclipse accepts the influence of the Sextile of Aphrodite (Cancer) with Uranus (Taurus) - (which be completed by June 13th, but has already begun to affect).
This translates into unexpected luck in the lives of many people or into favor in the field of love and loves at first sight.

Also, there is the effect of the Opposition of Mars (Cancer) with the Retrograde Pluto (Capricorn) - (which completed on June 5th, but continues to affect), that pushes us to ignore the moral obstacles in order to achieve our goals.
We do not hesitate to follow underground routes to get out winners.
Nervous outbursts complicate our relationships, while there is a reckless waste of energy in planning revenge for those we believe have wronged us.

In addition, the Solar Eclipse in Gemini is influenced by: the T-Square between Poseidon, MC and Horoscope, which indicates great deception and corruption, as well as the T-Square between Saturn, Uranus and Horoscope, which hits the world economy.
Also of particular importance is the Stellium of the 4 planets in Gemini, located at the top of the Eclipse Chart, emphasizing its special features.

Finally, the Solar Eclipse of June 10, is affected by two constellations: Orion and Auriga (Heniokhos / Greek: Ηνίοχος).
The Constellation of Orion has a strong and dignified nature, but it is also the Constellation of War.
It gives confidence, strength and courage, but also inconsistency, arrogance, violence and disrespect.
It may indicate riots or heavy thunderstorms and rain.
The constellation of Auriga (Heniokhos), is of the nature of Mars and Mercury (ie business character, combative, destructive and aggressive).
It enhances interest in social issues and supports the teaching and upbringing of young people.
Nevertheless, it points to the danger of great adversity, but also of earthquakes, especially when it is directly related to a Solar Eclipse.
Also, the Eclipse in Gemini is in Conjunction with the fixed star, Bellatrix.
This translates into fluctuations in decision-making, changing circumstances and business problems.

In conclusion, the Solar Eclipse of June 10, in Gemini, requires special attention and prudence.
Just as any solar eclipse can accelerate the onset of important events, so changing a perspective is its most important feature.
We need to be more flexible to deal with the chaotic and unpredictable conditions created by its influence.
In general, Eclipses in the Air Signs are strong, because they can indicate social unrest, uprisings and disasters.
They can foretell intense controversy in parliaments, party divisions and elections.
They can also lead to changes in global alliances, ethnic divisions and civil wars.
However, we should filter the news we hear and cross any information we receive.
Also, it will be difficult to continue to trust our relationship where frustration and instability may occur.
We must control our tendency to over-idealize and avoid extremes.
We need to protect ourselves from negative energy influences and avoid toxic people, we believe are sucking our energy.
At the same time, it would be prudent not to misinterpret the facts and to examine them carefully, because their distortion is very likely.
There may be: misunderstandings, losses, scandals and slanders.
The general insecurity and confusion will be the characteristics of this Eclipse.
Under its influence, we may tend to apologize.
In such a case, we should be simple and clear, without lengthy explanations.
We should avoid even innocent lies, because they could lead to great embarrassment or the need for more complicated cover-ups.
However, because the conflicts in many areas of our lives are very likely, the best approach is to keep our cool and calm, as the nervous system of many people whom we could meet, might be severely tested.
In terms of our health, we may be more hypochondriac than we should be, although we are more likely to be prone to infections and poisonings.
Also, we may feel more physical weakness and be more sensitive to all sorts of allergies.
In relation to COVID-19, this cycle of Eclipses may mark the beginning of the end of the pandemic, but also conflicts for the new green passports.
Nevertheless, another important element of this Eclipse, will be the need for new plans and for a more dynamic solution of our problems.
We must rely on our strengths and allow our intuitions to work positively.
If we operate prudently and calmly, we may reverse the conditions and be proved that this is the most positive Eclipse of the year.

Soli Dharma: Surya, Chandra, Rahu, Ketu, Marici, Yeshe Tsogyal, Budha Graha, Varuna, Shani, Prajapati, Manipura Soli Dharma, Anahata Soli Dharma, Vishuddha Soli Dharma, Ajna Soli Dharma