All planet constellations, aspects and transits for April 21th 2021

Square Moon / Uranus - 02:16' AM (GMT)
Moon is in Leo / Uranus is in Taurus
→ Under its influence, we can be eccentric, headstrong, fanatic, over-the-top, irritable, and capricious.
We tend to mutable moods, derailments, and untoward situations.
Love could show quirks, and intense sensuality, which could lead to separation from the partner or to a tragic love life.
Abnormal tendencies and self-harm could also appear.
Soli Dharma: Chandra, Prajapati

Opposition Moon / Saturn - 06:52' AM (GMT)
Moon is in Leo / Saturn is in Aquarius
→ This opposition can cause restrictions, depression, and melancholy.
Under its influence, we could be dissatisfied, introverted, stubborn, and insincere.
We may not have a happy hand in partnerships.
Alienation or separation from wife and mother could happen.
On our own, we could feel lonely and abandoned.
Soli Dharma: Chandra, Shani

The April 21th 2021, is: Mercury Day / Budhavara (बुधवार)
Planetary hours of Mercury: 04:42'00'' - 05:48'55'' / 12:30'25'' - 13:37'20'' / 19:51'10'' - 20:44'15'' / 02:02'45'' - 02:55'50'' (GMT) - (to calculate the planetary hours, the day begins with the rising of the Sun and ends with the rising of the next day)
Soli Dharma: Budha Graha