All planet constellations, aspects and transits for April 22th 2021

Opposition Moon / Jupiter - 08:55' AM (GMT)
Moon is in Leo / Jupiter is in Aquarius
→ This aspect can put us in opposition to the law and the authorities.
We could also be prone to extravagance and waste.
Conflicts, disadvantages, or problems could arise in love relationships.
Separations from wife or mother could occur.
Bile and liver are vulnerable.
Soli Dharma: Chandra, Bṛhaspati

Sextile Moon / Mars - 13:00' PM (GMT)
Moon is in Leo / Mars is in Gemini
→ This Sextile gives us great willpower and courage.
It activates us with resourcefulness and practicality.
In addition, it strengthens our love for truth and openness.
Soli Dharma: Chandra, Mangala 

Moon enters Virgo - 14:02' PM (GMT)
- Virgo is ruled by Mercury (At night sovereignty)
→ The Virgo Moon makes us analytical and critical.
We are productive and health-conscious.
These days, work and the fulfillment of duties are in the foreground.
Soli Dharma: Chandra, Budha Graha

Trine Sun / Moon - 19:01' PM (GMT)
Sun is in Taurus / Moon is in Virgo
→ This aspect offers us a perspective of happiness and success in life.
Supports health, well-being and vitality.
There is harmony in family relationships and in particular, in relationships with parents.
Also, on an emotional level, we may meet our ideal partner.
Soli Dharma: Surya, Chandra, Marici

The April 22th 2021, is: Jupiter Day / Brihaspativara (बृहस्पतिवार)
Planetary hours of Jupiter: 04:41'00'' - 05:48'05'' / 12:30'35'' - 13:37'40'' / 19:51'50'' - 20:44'45'' / 02:02'15'' - 02:55'10'' (GMT) - (to calculate the planetary hours, the day begins with the rising of the Sun and ends with the rising of the next day)
Soli Dharma: Bṛhaspati