The Total Lunar Eclipse of May 26, is the first Eclipse of 2021 and takes place in the 6° (05° 25΄) of the Sagittarius-Gemini axis (Moon in Sagittarius - Sun in Gemini).
It culminates at 12:13 P.M. (GMT / 14:13 P.M. Greek time, UTC + 02: 00) and therefore is not visible from Greece.
(It will be visible in the Pacific Ocean and parts of East Asia, Japan, Australia - New Zealand, and Central, South and Northwest America)

The Lunar Eclipse of May 26, opens the first wave of Eclipses of the year, which ends with the Solar Eclipse of June 10, which will take place in 19° 47' of Gemini.
The next wave of Eclipses is placed in the last two months of 2021.
(11.19.2021, Moon Eclipse at 27° 14' Taurus / 12.04.2021, Solar Eclipse at 12° 22' Sagittarius)

- A Lunar Eclipse is always a Full Moon.
The Lunar Eclipse of May 26 is a Supermoon. (The Moon is at its closest distance from Earth / near the Perigee, at 357,311 kilometers)
This is the second Supermoon of the year, and the largest for 2021. (The first Supermoon took place on 04.27.2021, in 07° 06' of Scorpio)
This Full Moon is called by the American Indians, "Moon of Flowers", because it coincides with the time of the great flowering of plants, in the middle of Spring.
Regarding the Total Eclipse (the first after January 2019), it occurs when the Moon passes completely through the shadow of the Earth and thus gets a darker reddish or "bloody" shade.

Plutarch (Ploútarchos, 46-119 AD) wrote that the transfer of souls to and from the Moon, takes place through the cone of the shadow formed during the Eclipses.
On Solar Eclipses, souls are transported to Earth for incarnation.
On the Lunar Eclipses, the souls that were waiting on Earth, are transported to the Moon, where they will be until they are judged and transported where they deserve.

The Ancient Greeks were studying the movements of the Moon.
Thus, they knew exactly its Phases, the Full Moons, its Nods, the Arches, the Pericenter and the Apocenter, the Perihelion and the Aphelion, the Perigee and the Apogee, and many more.
They even knew the calculation of the Eclipses, based on the Metonic cycles.
The Metonic cycle results from the equation of 19 years with 235 lunar months, when the Moon returns to the same position, and so we have an Eclipse with a similar geometry.
The Metonic circle was named after the astronomer Meton of Athens (5th Century - 460 BC), in 432 BC.
Xenophanes (c.570 - c.478 BC) and Herodotus (c.484 - c. 425/410 BC), report that Thales of Miletus (c.624/623 - c.548/545 BC), first predicted an Eclipse of the Sun, in the first half of the 6th BC. Century, without knowing the Metonic cycles.

If we use the Metonic cycles, we will see that a similar Lunar Eclipse took place on 05.26.2002, at 12.50 P.M. (GMT / 14.50 P.M. Greek time, UTC + 02: 00), again at 05° of Sagittarius.
If we look back at the events of that year, we will see that even then there were Israeli-Palestinian conflicts, issues with Turkey and the tradition of the Annan plan.

The Eclipse of May 26, is the last Total Lunar of the Saros 121 cycle, which began in 1047 and will end in 2508.
The Mother Eclipse of the circle took place in the 19° of Aries and in the current Eclipse, Mars from the 20° of Cancer squares the Mother Eclipse, creating a T-Square that restores repressed psychological states.
At the same time, the Mars of the Mother Eclipse, which was in the 12° of Scorpio, is in Opposition with Uranus, which is now in Taurus, emphasizing the highly flammable, reactionary and revolutionary conditions formed by the current Eclipse.

The Total Lunar Eclipse of May 26, mainly concerns the Mutable Cross.
Gemini and Sagittarius are primarily affected, while Virgos and Pisces are secondarily affected.
(More specifically, those born 05/25-27, 11/27-29, 08/27-29 and 02/23-25)
It also affects those who have Personal Planets (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) from the 04° to the 06° of the above signs.
Those born on 16/01 and 18/07 or those who have a planet in the 25° of the Cancer-Capricorn axis, are affected from the Antiskia of this Full Moon.
Of course, this Eclipse will affect us all, to some extent.
Those who have the Sun or the Ascendant from the 02° to the 08° of their Zodiac sign or Ascendant, will receive a more immediate effect.

In general, Eclipses bring catalytic changes, major upheavals and unexpected events.
Certainly, the Lunar Eclipse of May 26 will affect us greatly.
The "bloody" Moon of May, can bring a sudden end to a relationship or a situation, to intensely stir up our emotions and make us particularly sensitive.
At the same time, however, we must realize that whatever ends with an Eclipse, leads us to greater progress and development in our lives, no matter how painful the moment it happens.
It is natural that when we experience an end, we cannot think clearly and see the situations from a different perspective, so we must give ourselves time to recover and not get carried away by our emotions.

The Gemini-Sagittarius axis, where the Lunar Eclipse of May 26 will take place, is related to the communication and dissemination of information.
It is one of the most social and open axes of the Zodiac, which also refers to travel, tourism, education, religion, laws and international relations.
Therefore, any issues that may arise will be related to these areas.

Jupiter is in Pisces, creating a Square with the Full Moon - Lunar Eclipse of May 26 and may bring disagreements, controversies of beliefs and tensions.
It will probably be difficult to reach agreement and harmony between people.
Moreover, because Jupiter is famous for the expansion of situations, in this case, a larger gap may be created, which is more due to blind faith that prevents the logical examination of various issues.
There may also be manipulation of the mind and collective psychology, which will further blur human perception.

The general confusion is supported by the simultaneous presence of Neptune in Pisces.

To the above, we should add the Stationary Mercury that is preparing to get Retrograde, contributing to the foggy conditions, which will make our values vulnerable and will encourage the tendency to fraud, illegality and crime.
It may be difficult to find out the truth, as false news will abound and we will have to be more careful about the information we receive.
There may be more fanaticism at the political, partisan or religious level, and relations between some countries may be disrupted.

On May 26th, the Moon will be in 3rd house, near the South Node and the Sun opposite the 9th, the North Node.
The North Node is in Gemini and the South Node in Sagittarius.
Renaissance astrologers said that the Eclipse with the North Node in Gemini is associated with diseases and infections.
Also, that it can cause problems to people in power, but also disagreements or conflicts between them.
Severe weather phenomena with strong winds, earthquakes and crop damage were among their forecasts.
The presence of the South Node in Sagittarius was believed to extend the conflicts between the government and the people, cause difficulties in the administration of justice and bring about a general misfortune.
Of course, in this particular Eclipse of May, the conditions are normalized by the fact that its ruler is Jupiter.
Nevertheless, its realization, in the 3rd house, means that the movements are affected, which in combination with the above, may foretell restrictions and prohibitions in the middle of summer.

In addition, the Retrograde Saturn in Aquarius, which tries to approach Pluto in Capricorn, is as if it wants to strengthen with Pluto's help, the deprivation of freedom, which it has implemented in recent years.
Resistance to these plans is brought by Jupiter, that strengthens its dynamics, from Pisces.

In contrast to the above, under the influence of the May Lunar Eclipse, the next period is considered appropriate to reconnect with people who have had real substance relationships.
Also, the important contacts of the past, which were lost over time, are restored and strengthened.

Also, the Moon in Conjunction with its South Node, brings the Sun to power.
This means that our individual will is strengthened and our sense of purpose prevails.
We have the ability to remove our attachments to the past and look to the future without stress.
We can now intensify our efforts by acting purposefully with courage and prudence.
Nevertheless, this aspect weakens our intuition and upsets the balance of our emotional world.
This may bring us face to face with psychological complexes.

Finally, during the May Lunar Eclipse, the star Denebola rises, in the tail of the Constellation of Leo.
It is considered inauspicious because it is believed to bring misfortune, humiliation and disease.
Also close to the Lunar Eclipse is the star Marfik, of the Constellation Ophiuchus.
This is related to health and poisons.
Poison can cure or kill.

In conclusion, it would be wise to know that in order for important events to occur due to an Eclipse, other factors need to be activated in our natal and derivative charts.
Interpreting the influence of an Eclipse is a complex issue.

Soli Dharma: Chandra, Rahu, Ketu, Budha Graha, Bṛhaspati, Anahata Soli Dharma, Vishuddha Soli Dharma, Yeshe Tsogyal