The Total Solar Eclipse of December 4, takes place at 13⁰ (12⁰ 22') of Sagittarius.
The phenomenon ends at 07:42':50'' A.M. (GMT / 09:42':50'' A.M. Greek time, GMT+2) and is not visible from Greece.
It is the last Eclipse of 2021 and the last Eclipse in the Gemini/Sagittarius axis (the next Eclipse in this zodiac axis will take place in 2029).

The December Eclipse belongs to the Saros 152 cycle (1805 - 3049) and is the 13th of its 70 Eclipses.

Plutarch (Ploútarchos, 46-119 AD) wrote that the transfer of souls to and from the Moon, takes place through the cone of the shadow formed during the Eclipses.
On Solar Eclipses, souls are transported to Earth for incarnation.
Xenophanes (c.570 - c.478 BC) and Herodotus (c.484 - c. 425/410 BC), report that Thales of Miletus (c.624/623 - c.548/545 BC), first predicted an Eclipse of the Sun, in the first half of the 6th BC. Century.

A Solar Eclipse is always a New Moon.

The Moon will be near the South Nod. (The Lunar Nodes will be on the axis Gemini-Sagittarius until 01/18/2022, when they will pass on the axis Taurus-Scorpio)
South Nod Solar Eclipses are associated with cosmic events, social turmoil and unrest.
On a personal level, it unravels the emotions accumulated since the previous Partial Lunar Eclipse of November 19th.
Also, the South Nod is associated with Karma (Sanskrit: कर्म) and implies the end of a situation.
Under its influence, our general behavior will have a significant impact in the future, which requires due care.

The Total Solar Eclipse of December 4, concerns us all.
But mainly, it affects the Mutable Cross (Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces).
The Gemini (05/31 - 06/04), the Sagittarius (12/02 - 06), the Virgo (09/02 - 06) and the Pisces (02/28 - 03/04) accept its influence more intensely.
It also affects those who have a Horoscope and/or Personal Planets (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) from 10⁰ to 14⁰ of the above signs.

In general, Eclipses bring catalytic changes, revelations and great upheavals.
Eclipses are always unpredictable and their results could be either negative or positive.
That is why a more conservative attitude towards whatever arises, is recommended.
This Solar Eclipse of December 4, may cause intense vibrations in matters of politics and international relations, create issues related to laws and education, but also exacerbate ideological and religious controversies.
The simultaneous Transit of Mercury in Sagittarius, which supports extremist views and fanaticism, will make the conditions more difficult.

Because the Solar Eclipse of December, takes place in Sagittarius, is related to our beliefs, bio theory, values, religious beliefs, truth and freedom.
We will have courage, we will feel stronger and we will express boldly what we feel.
Under its influence, we may overcome our fears, which block our further progress, resisting obstacles and failures.

The most important aspects of the December Eclipse are: the Conjunction with Mercury (Sagittarius), the Sextile with Saturn (Aquarius) and the Quincunx (150⁰) with the Retrograde Uranus (Taurus).
It is also related to the Saturn Square (Aquarius) - Uranus (Taurus) that occupied us intensely in 2021 and will be found again in absolute accuracy for the last time, on 12/24/2021.

The Conjunction of the Eclipse with Mercury (Sagittarius), creates mental anxiety, nervousness and intense curiosity.
It leads to hasty judgments, which may be more subjective.
Thus, we can understand what we want and not what really happens, with the consequence that our conclusions are arbitrary and the opinions we form are based on wrong data.
We need to focus on the way we think and communicate with others.
We need to be mentally alert and our thinking to be directly adapted to the new data.
Under the influence of the view, reactions and conflicts are not excluded, but they will act as a catalyst and lead us to the realization of deeper truths.

The Sextile of the Eclipse with Saturn (Aquarius), invites us to show adaptability to the conditions created and to avoid strong reactions to whatever arises.
It could balance situations as long as we are flexible and open-minded.

The Quincunx (150⁰) of the Eclipse with the Retrograde Uranus (Taurus), will make us more nervous and it will be very difficult to relax.
The need to make some immediate changes will overwhelm our thinking and it requires composure.
We will be in tension and have stress that may even affect the quality of our sleep.
We may need to adapt to new data that will arise unexpectedly in our lives.
The aforementioned Sextile of the Eclipse with Saturn (Aquarius), could compensate for the subversive energy of Uranus and help us better deal with whatever is bothering us.

The Saturn (Aquarius) - Uranus (Taurus) Square that will be found again in absolute accuracy, this month, is an additional indication of the difficult period we are going through.
Conditions are leading to a crisis, and the unforeseen obstacles we may encounter could reverse our course.
Compulsory restrictions and strict limits may force us to adapt to the changes that are coming.
The coming period requires patience, caution and common sense.

Finally, the Solar Eclipse of December, takes place in Conjunction with the Asteroid Vesta, which has a therapeutic character, suggesting that any frustration that could be created, will be controlled.
The intense energy of this aspect, combined with the influence of the parallel Conjunction of the Retrograde Uranus (Taurus) with the Asteroid 4581 Asclepius, appeases the difficulties of the Eclipse, opening a way to healing and ascension.
Soli Dharma: Chandra, SuryaRahu, Ketu