The energy oil, Budha Graha Soli Dharma (बुध सोली धर्म) is related to the beneficial properties of Mercury (Budha Graha, बुध / Saumya, सौम्य)

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Mercury (Budha Graha, बुध / Saumya, सौम्य) is the planet of expression, communication and fortune.

In Ancient Greek religion and mythology, Hermes (Mercury / Greek: Ἑρμῆς / Budha Graha, बुध / Saumya, सौम्य) was the son of Zeus and the Pleiad Maia.
His origin is lost in the depths of the Prehistoric Times of Greece and was related to the Kaveiria Mysteries (which were the oldest, after the Cretan).
He was described as moving freely between the worlds of the mortal and divine, and was the conductor of souls into the afterlife.
He was "Psychopompós" (Greek: Ψυχοπομπός, Psychopomps / "Guide of Souls") and "Synodos" (Greek: "Συνοδός" / "Companion") of Souls.
He was also viewed as the protector and patron of roads and travelers.
It is said that he was the first teacher of the human race, who introduced the Letters and the Arts to Mankind.

The Budha Graha (बुध / Saumya, सौम्य / Mercury) belongs to the Navagrahas (नवग्रह, 9 Astral Bodies or 9 Realms or 9 Planets in the Indian and Vedic Astrology / 9 Mythical Deities of Hinduism) and is the hermaphrodite Messenger of the Gods.

- The preparation of the formula of Budha Graha Soli Dharma (बुध सोली धर्म) had begun on 31/ 05/2016, 03:09 pm, when an excellent Triangle of Mercury (बुध, Budha Graha / सौम्य, Saumya) with Pluto (यम, Yama / यामारजा, Yamarāja) was completed, affecting the betterment of economics.
The Budha Graha Soli Dharma (बुध सोली धर्म) is intended to help people's positive thinking and optimism.

- Perfecting the formula of Budha Graha Soli Dharma (बुध सोली धर्म) was made on 18/ 10/2017, when the Synod of Mercury (बुध, Budha Graha / सौम्य, Saumya) and Jupiter (बृहस्पति, Bṛhaspati) in Scorpio (वृश्चिक, Vṛścika) was completed.
Thus, the Budha Graha Soli Dharma (बुध सोली धर्म) supports the general improvement of people's lives, through their initiation (Mercury / बुध, Budha Graha / सौम्य, Saumya), in the Great (Jupiter / बृहस्पति, Bṛhaspati) Mysteries (Scorpio / वृश्चिक, Vṛścika).
Moreover, the meeting of the "Kerdoos" (Greek: "Κερδώος" / "Winning") Mercury (बुध, Budha Graha / सौम्य, Saumya) with the planet of Fortune, Jupiter (बृहस्पति, Bṛhaspati) in the sign of Hidden Wealth (Scorpio / वृश्चिक, Vṛścika), suggests unexpected gains.


The formula of Budha Graha Soli Dharma (बुध सोली धर्म), contains pure, natural essential oils, which have been produced by pressing, steam distillation, using solvent or using carbon dioxide.
- Essential oils are highly concentrated, aromatic liquids, which are present in various parts of plants, herbs, fruits and trees.

The essential oils of Soli Dharma (सोली धर्म) constituted the materials of secrets, ancient shamanic techniques and their blending, under specific astrological conditions, emits a special universal energy.

The formula of Budha Graha Soli Dharma (बुध सोली धर्म), contains several varieties of essential oils:
- Top / Head Notes: Citrus Limon (नींबू का रस, Neemboo Ka Ras), Cardamom (इलायची, Ilaayachee / Elettaria Cardamomum), Tonka Beans (टोंका बीन्स, Tonka Beens / Dipteryx Odorata, Kumaru)
- Middle / Heart Notes: Vanilla Planifolia (वेनिला प्लैनिफ़ोलिया, Vaneela)
- Base Notes: Tabac (तंबाकू, Tambaakoo)

The Oil of Budha Graha Soli Dharma (बुध सोली धर्म) comes from the admixture of various oils, dominated by natural Almond Oil (बादाम तेल, Badam Tel).

The use of energy oil, Budha Graha Soli Dharma (बुध सोली धर्म) is external.

- The energy oil, Budha Graha Soli Dharma (बुध सोली धर्म) could be used as a perfume, as a body oil and as a massage oil.
Health Note: Some of the ingredients of energy oils, Soli Dharma (सोली धर्म) are particularly strong and could cause some irritation to sensitive skins.
We recommend the test spread of a few drops in a small area of your skin before the first use. In case of irritation or other symptoms (shortness of breath, discomfort, etc.) do not continue to use.

- For the maximum efficiency of the beneficial properties of the energy oil, Budha Graha Soli Dharma (बुध सोली धर्म), it is recommended the daily spreads, in Anāhata (अनाहत), the Heart Chakra (हृदय चक्र).
Health Note: Use it wisely. (Some drops are enough to have the desired energy result)

- Furthermore, the energy oil, Budha Graha Soli Dharma (बुध सोली धर्म) can be used in small quantity, for the coating offurniture`s wooden surfaces in a space, in order to diffuse the beneficial energy and its special aroma, in the atmosphere.
Keep it in the box in a shady and cool place.
Health Note: Keep it away from children and animals.

Anāhata (अनाहत) or Heart Chakra (हृदय चक्र) is the Fourth Chakra (चौथा चक्र).
It is located in the central channel of the spine near the heart.
Anāhata (अनाहत / हृदय चक्र, Heart Chakra) is represented by a lotus flower with twelve petals.
Inside there is a smoky region at the intersection of two triangles, creating a Shatkona (शेटकोना).
The Shatkona (शेटकोना) is a symbol used in Hindu Yantra (हिंदू यन्त्र / a mystical diagram) representing the union of male and female.
Specifically, it is meant to represent Purusha (पुरुष / the Supreme Being) and Prakriti (प्रकृति, Prakruti / Mother Nature) and is often represented by Shiva (शिव / महेशा, Mahesha / शंकरा, Shankara / भोलेनाथ, Bholenath / नीलकंठ, Neelkanth / महादेवा, Mahadeva) and Shakti (शक्ति / आदि पराशक्ति, Adi Parashakti / पार्वती, Parvati / महादेवी, Mahadevi / काली, Kali / दुर्गा, Durga / देवी, Devi).
The Deity of this area is Vayu (वायु / अनिल, Anil / पवन, Pavan / व्यान, Vyān / वीजेडए, Vāta / तनून, Tanun) who is smoke-like and four-armed, holding a kusha (कुशा / goad, a type of long stick with a pointed end) and riding an antelope (this Chakra's animal).