The Personalized Soli Dharma (निजीकृत सोली धर्म, Nijeekrt Soli Dharma) is created based on the features of your natal astrological chart and your personal energy needs 

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To prepare your Personalized Soli Dharma (धर्म सोली धर्म, Nijeekrt Soli Dharma), we will need:

- your Christian name (baptismal name) or your birth name
- the date, time and place of your birth
(in case you do not know the exact time of birth, just tell us if it was morning or evening)
- the area of your life (personal, professional, financial, etc.), you need energy support.
(you can mention one or more areas / please be as specific as possible)
- the problem you are facing at this particular time in your life
(excluding health problems)
- any allergies you may have to certain plants, essential oils and oils

The preparation of the Personalized Soli Dharma (निजीकृत सोली धर्म , Nijeekrt Soli Dharma), is accomplished under the monks` guidance of the closed lamasery of Dorkhar (Ancient Dukezong / Chinese: 独 克 宗) of Shangri-La or Zhongdian County (Gyalthang / Chinese: 中甸县), who bless energy oils, Soli Dharma (सोली धर्म).
The duration of the preparation varies between 10 and 15 days.

It starts with the numerological and astrological study of the data you have mentioned to us.
At the same time, we match them in the Lunar Calendar of Tibetan and Indian Astrology.

Through specialized methods, we calculate:
- your personal Mewa (मेवा), related to the karmic direction of your life and the your natal features that affect it.
- your individual Trigram (ट्रिगर / 巴 瓜, Pa-kua), which is the basis of I Ching (易經).
- your Naksatra (नक्षत्र), the Lunar Constellation to which you belong.
- your personal element, Tattv (तत्त्व), based on Kalachakra (कालचक्र / Wheel of Time and Elements)
- your interdependencies according to the Jushak astrological method (जुषाक)
- your the planetary influences, based on the Jaaduee Kundaliyon ka Darpan (जादुई कुंडलियों का दर्पण / Mirror of the Magic Horoscopes)

Having all these data and considering the expectations that you have mentioned to us, we select the most suitable ingredients for the creation of the formula of your Personalized Soli Dharma (निजीकृत सोली धर्म, Nijeekrt Soli Dharma).

It is shipped 20 days after the date of your order.