The energy oil, Shukra Soli Dharma (शुक्र सोली धर्म) is associated with the beneficial properties of Venus (शुक्र, Shukra)

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Venus (शुक्र, Shukra) is the planet of love, sensuality, interpersonal relations and money.
It symbolizes the beauty and harmony of the "Aperanto" (Απέραντο, Immense).

It gives birth to the human soul, the "Eros" (Έρως, Love) for its unification with the "Olon" (Όλον, Whole) - its place of origin and destination.

"Heav'nly, illustrious, laughter-loving queen / Sea-born, night-loving, of an awful mien; / Crafty, from whom necessity first came / Producing, nightly, all-connecting dame: 'Tis thine the world with harmony to join / For all things spring from thee, O pow'r divine. / The triple Fates are rul'd by thy decree"
("Ούρανία πολύυμνε φιλομμειδής Άφροδίτη. Ποντογενής γενέτειρα, θεά φιλοπάννυχε. Σεμνή νυκτερία ζεύκτειρα, δολοπλόκε μήτερ Άνάγκης'. Πάντα γάρ έκ σέθεν έστίν, ύπεζεύξω δέ (τε) κόσμον καί κρατέεις τρισσών μοιρών") - Orphic Hymn "To Venus" ("Εἰς Ἀφροδίτην").

Shukra (शुक्र, Venus) belongs to Navagrahas (नवग्रह, 9 Astral Bodies or 9 Realms or 9 planets in Hindu and Vedic Astrology / 9 Mythical Deities of Hinduism) and symbolizes harmony and enjoyment.

- The preparation of the formula of Shukra Soli Dharma (शुक्र सोली धर्म), had begun under the influence of the astrological conjuncture of May 10, 2016, which according the Jung Tsee (जुंग तसी, Tibetan Elemental Astrology) released intense energy that affected the erotic and material well-being.
In Western astrology, the same day at 19:00 pm, Venus (शुक्र, Shukra) perfected a magnificent Trine with Jupiter (बृहस्पति, Bṛhaspati).
Under that influence, the expression of deeper emotions was easier, having brilliant results.
Kindness, love and beauty, which were emitting by the energy of this particular triangle, are the "ingredients" contained in Shukra Soli Dharma (शुक्र सोली धर्म).

- The formula of Shukra Soli Dharma (शुक्र सोली धर्म) was completed on Tuesday, July 18, 2017 at 20:08 pm, when Venus (शुक्र, Shukra) perfected another auspicious Trine with Jupiter (बृहस्पति, Bṛhaspati).
The specific day (Tuesday, July 18, 2017) and time (20:08 pm), considered numerologically, give us an additional point of view:
- Tuesday (Mars day / मंगलावरा, Mangalavara) is a dynamic day.
- July 18, 2017 is a date corresponding to number 17, the number of the Healing.
- 20:08 pm, which totals 10 = 1 + 0 = 1, corresponding to the Sun (सूर्य, Surya) and the New Beginning.

The formula of Shukra Soli Dharma (शुक्र सोली धर्म), contains pure, natural essential oils, which have been produced by pressing, steam distillation, using solvent or using carbon dioxide.
- Essential oils are highly concentrated, aromatic liquids, which are present in various parts of plants, herbs, fruits and trees.

The essential oils of Soli Dharma (सोली धर्म) constituted the materials of secrets, ancient shamanic techniques and their blending, under specific astrological conditions, emits intense cosmic energy.

The formula of Shukra Soli Dharma (शुक्र सोली धर्म), contains several varieties of essential oils:
- Top / Head Ruler Note: Hyacinth (हायसिंथ, Hayasinth / Hyacinthus Orientalis)
- Middle / Heart Ruler Notes: Mandarin Orange (मंडारिन संतरे, Mandaarin Santare / Citrus Reticulata), Neroli (नारंग फूल तेल, Nairoli / Citrus Aurantium, Bigaradia), Saffron (कुङ्कुमं, Kunkumam / Crocus Sativus), Nutmeg (जायफल, Jaayaphal / Myristica Fragrans), Cardamom (इलायची, Ilaayachee / Elettaria Cardamomum), Mastic (गोंद, Gond / Pistacia Lentiscus), Rose (रोजा रूबिगिनोसा, Roja Roobiginosa / Rosa Rubiginosa), Jasmine (चमेली, Chamelee / Jasminum Sambac), Orange Blossom (नारंगी के फूल, Naarangee Ke Phool / Citrus Sinensis), Kulfi (क़ुल्फ़ी, Kulphee), Wood (लकड़ी, Lakadee), Amber (अंबर, Ambar), Sandalwood (चंदन, Chandan / Santalum Album), Vanilla planifolia (वेनिला प्लैनिफ़ोलिया, Vaneela)
- Base Ruler Note: Tabaco (तमाखुः, Tanbaku / Tabac)

The Oil of Shukra Soli Dharma (शुक्र सोली धर्म) comes from the admixture of various oils, dominated by natural Almond Oil (बादाम तेल, Badam Tel).

The use of energy oil, Shukra Soli Dharma (शुक्र सोली धर्म) is external.

- The energy oil, Shukra Soli Dharma (शुक्र सोली धर्म) could be used as a perfume, as a body oil and as a massage oil.
Health Note: Some of the ingredients of energy oils, Soli Dharma (सोली धर्म) are particularly strong and could cause some irritation to sensitive skins.
We recommend the test spread of a few drops in a small area of your skin before the first use. In case of irritation or other symptoms (shortness of breath, discomfort, etc.) do not continue to use.

- For the maximum efficiency of the beneficial properties of the energy oil, Shukra Soli Dharma (शुक्र सोली धर्म), it is recommended the daily spreads, in Ajna (आज्ञा, Ājñā), the Third Eye Chakra (तीसरी आंख चक्र) and in Viśuddha (विशुद्ध), the Throat Chakra (गला चक्र).
Health Note: Use it wisely. (Some drops are enough to have the desired energy result)

- Furthermore, the energy oil, Shukra Soli Dharma (शुक्र सोली धर्म) could be used in small quantity, for the coating offurniture`s wooden surfaces in a space, in order to diffuse the beneficial energy and its special aroma, in the atmosphere.
Keep it in the box in a shady and cool place.
Health Note: Keep it away from children and animals.

The Ājñā (आज्ञा) or the Third Eye Chakra (तीसरी आंख चक्र / गुरु चक्र, Guru Chakra) is the Sixth Chakra (छठा चक्र).
In Hindu tradition, it signifies the subconscious mind, the direct link to the Brahman (ब्रह्म / Hinduism: the highest Universal Principle, the Ultimate Reality in the Universe).
While a person's two eyes see the physical world, the third eye is believed to reveal insights about the future.
The Third Eye Chakra (तीसरी आंख चक्र, आज्ञा, Ājñā / गुरु चक्र, Guru Chakra) is said to connect people to their intuition, give them the ability to communicate with the world, or help them receive messages from the past and the future.
The Ajna Chakra (आज्ञा चक्र) is located in the brain, directly behind the center of the eyebrows (Pineal Gland).
The location makes it a sacred spot where Hindus apply a vermilion bindi (बिंदी, a coloured dot worn on the centre of the forehead, originally by Hindus and Jains from the Indian Subcontinent) to show reverence for it.

The Viśuddha (विशुद्ध) or the Throat Chakra (गला चक्र / कांत पद्मा, Kanth Padma / शोश दला, Shodash Dala) is the Fifth Chakra (पाँचवाँ चक्र)
Positioned at the throat region (at the center of the neck at the level of the throat / Endocrine: Thyroid), it is the passage of the energy between the lower parts of the body and the head. 
The residing Deity of this Chakra (चक्र) is Panchavaktra Shiva (पंचवत्त्र शिव).