सोली धर्म बालियां साथ फ़िरोज़ा हाउलाइट
 - The Soli Dharma Baliyan (सोली धर्म बालियां) are inspired by the traditional Baliyan (बालियां / "earrings") of the Magar people (मगर जाति)

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The Magars (मगर जाति / "Mongar or Manggar") are one of the ethno linguistic groups of Nepal (नेपाल).
Their ancestral homeland extends from the Western and the Southern edges of the Dhaulagiri (धौलागिरी) range of the Himalayas (हिमालय) to the Mahabharat (महाभारत) foothills in the South and Kali Gandaki (गण्डकी नदी) river basin in the East.

The Magars (मगर जाति) ruled their own kingdoms in ancient Nepal (नेपाल), called the Bara Magaranth (बारा मागानंतर / 12 Magar Kingdoms) located east of the Gandaki River (गण्डकी) and the Athara Magaranth (अथरा मगरान्थ / 18 Magar Kingdoms) located west of the Gandaki River (गण्डकी) inhabited by the Kham Magars (काम मगर जाति).

The Soli Dharma Baliyan with Howlite Firoza (सोली धर्म बालियां साथ फ़िरोज़ा हाउलाइट) are made in a symbolic, traditional way.

They have gemstones of Turquoise Howlite (फ़िरोज़ा हाउलाइट, Howlite Firoza).
The Magars (मगर जाति) believed that these stones could cleanse the thoughts and protect against malicious actions.
- Howlite (फ़िरोज़ा) is considered as an energy stone that helps people to eliminate stress.
Furthermore, it is often used against insomnia, as it calms the mind and helps the concentration.

They are scented with Varuna Soli Dharma (वरुण सोली धर्म) to exude its beneficial and protective energy.
The right earring has hung from its clip, a lightweight vial of fortified Varuna Soli Dharma (वरुण सोली धर्म) that acts as a protection amulet.

Neptune (Poseidon / वरुण, Varuna) is the planet of ideals, idealization, idealism and dreams.
Moreover, it is related to deception and imagination.

- In Indian mythology, Varuna (वरुण / Neptune, Poseidon) is the God of Rain, although Varuna (वरुण) means the "God of the Sea".

According to the Tibetan Masters, who belong to the genealogical tree of the closed to the public lamasery of Dorkhar (दोरखर / Ancient Dukezong / Chinese: 独克宗) and bless the energy oils Soli Dharma (सोली धर्म), Varuna Soli Dharma (वरुण सोली धर्म) helps us to acquire vision in our lives and gives us the power to pursue our dreams.

It still protects us from deceptions and dispels our illusions.
The contribution of Varuna Soli Dharma (वरुण सोली धर्म) to mental balancing is often invaluable, since it helps us to get away from the intense pressures and encourages us with promising visions that make our lives happier.
In addition, it potentiates the intuition and elevates our imagination.

Varuna Soli Dharma (वरुण सोली धर्म) is used by the monks of Dorkhar (दोरखर / Ancient Dukezong / Chinese: 独克宗), in therapeutic meditations, where internal energy processes begin to take place in both psychic and physical levels.