सोली धर्म बालियां साथ फ़िरोज़ा हाउलाइट
 - The Soli Dharma Baliyan (सोली धर्म बालियां) are inspired by the traditional Baliyan (बालियां / "earrings") of the Magar people (मगर जाति)

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The Magar (मगर जाति / "Mongar or Manggar") are one of the ethno linguistic groups of Nepal (नेपाल).
Their ancestral homeland extends from the Western and the Southern edges of the Dhaulagiri (धौलागिरी) range of the Himalayas (हिमालय) to the Mahabharat (महाभारत) foothills in the South and Kali Gandaki (गण्डकी नदी) river basin in the East.

The Magars (मगर जाति) ruled their own kingdoms in ancient Nepal (नेपाल), called the Bara Magaranth (बारा मागानंतर / 12 Magar Kingdoms) located east of the Gandaki River (गण्डकी) and the Athara Magaranth (अथरा मगरान्थ / 18 Magar Kingdoms) located west of the Gandaki River (गण्डकी) inhabited by the Kham Magars (काम मगर जाति).

The Soli Dharma Baliyan with Kala Dhund (सोली धर्म बालियां साथ काला धुंध) are made in a symbolic, traditional way.

They are scented with Marici Soli Dharma (मारीची सोली धर्म) to exude its beneficial and protective energy.

The right earring is covered with Black Gauze (काला धुंध, Kala Dhund) that is sewn around its metal disc and has a lightweight vial of fortified Marici Soli Dharma (मारीची सोली धर्म) hung from its clip, which acts as a protection amulet.

- The Black Gauze (काला धुंध, Kala Dhund) - (in particular, the black that is the absence of color) protects the energy and doesn`t allow it to leak out.
The Magars (मगर जाति) believed that it functioned as a shield in malicious attacks and that`s why they always carried a piece of Black Gauze (काला धुंध, Kala Dhund), dipped in an oil dedicated to Marici (मारीची / ऋषि मरीचि, Öser Chenma) - the Goddess of Dawn, which dispels the darkness with her pure light.

Marici (मारीची / ऋषि मरीचि, Öser Chenma) in Sanskrit, means: "Ray of Light".
Her worship had started in India and Iran, 1500 years ago and a little later, passed to Tibet.

Marici (मारीची / ऋषि मरीचि, Öser Chenma) is one of the 21 Taras (तारा / Guardian Devas) in Tibetan Buddhist Tradition and a Yidam (यिम, personal Deity), who mediates in the fulfilment of the human expectations.
In Japan, she is considered as one of the 20 Heavenly Deities, Nijūten (二十天) and one of the 3 Sidereal Deities, Santen (三天).
In Japanese Buddhism, she is the Goddess of prosperity and good luck, but also the protector of warriors and artists.

The energy oil, Marici Soli Dharma (मारीची सोली धर्म) is associated with the luminous energy of Marici (मारीची / ऋषि मरीचि, Öser Chenma) - the Deity of the Majestic Light.
The energy oil, Marici Soli Dharma (मारीची सोली धर्म) appeals the radiant energy of Marici (मारीची / ऋषि मरीचि, Öser Chenma), the Hindu Deity of the Majestic Light, the Tibetan Deity of the Dawn and the Sun.

The monks of the closed to the public lamasery, located near Dorkhar (दोरखर / Ancient Dukezong / Chinese: 独克宗), who bless the energy oils, Soli Dharma (सोली धर्म), use the energy oil and the mantra (मद्रास) of Marici (मारीची / ऋषि मरीचि, Öser Chenma) for protection against any dark and malicious vibes.
They believe that the Marici Soli Dharma (मारीची सोली धर्म) amps up and empowers the innermost refulgence of the human soul in order to resist any destructive and deleterious attack.

At the same time, they consider that it helps to the purification of the personal energy, annihilating anything that obstruct it.