सोली धर्म घेरा साथ चंदन
 - The Soli Dharma Gheras (सोली धर्म घेरा) are inspired by the traditional Gheras (घेरा / "hoops - earrings") of the women of Orissa (उड़ीसा, ओडिसा / ओड़िशा, Odisha)

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Orissa (उड़ीसा, ओडिसा / ओड़िशा, Odisha) is one of the 29 States of India.

It is located at the Bay of Bengal (वङ्गोपसागर, Vangopasagara, "Bengal's Bay" / वङ्गसागर, Vangasagara, "Bengal Sea" / पूर्वपयोधि, Purvapayodhi, "Eastern Ocean" / ancient: महोदधि, Mahodadhi, "Great Water Receptacle"), in Eastern India.
Orissa (उड़ीसा, ओडिसा / ओड़िशा, Odisha) has 485 kilometres of coastline along the Bay of Bengal (वङ्गोपसागर, Vangopasagara), from Balasore (बालासोर / बालेश्वर, Baleshwar) to Ganjam (गंजाम).
It is surrounded by the states of West Bengal (पश्चिम बंगाल, Paschim Banga) to the North-east, Jharkhand (झारखण्ड) to the North, Chhattisgarh (छत्तीसगढ़) to the West and North-west, and Andhra Pradesh (आन्ध्र प्रदेश) to the South.

Bhubaneswar (भुवनेश्‍वर) is the capital of Orissa (उड़ीसा, ओडिसा / ओड़िशा, Odisha) and Odia (ओडिआ) is the official and most widely spoken language.

The ancient kingdom of Kalinga (कलिंग), which in 261 BCE, was invaded by the Mauryan Emperor, Ashoka (अशोक / c. 304 BCE-232 BCE) - (मौर्य राजवंश, Jambudvīpa, Pṛthvī / Maurya Empire / 322 BCE-185 BCE) resulting in the Kalinga War (कलिंग युद्ध / c. 262 BCE), coincides with the borders of modern-day Orissa (उड़ीसा, ओडिसा / ओड़िशा, Odisha).

The Soli Dharma Gheras with Chandan (सोली धर्म घेरा साथ चंदन / Soli Dharma Hoops with Sandalwood) are made in a symbolic, traditional way.

Their metal is covered in silk threads and they are decorated with various energy stones.

They are scented with Imperial Sandalwood (शाही चंदन) and several varieties of Sandalwood (चंदन, Chandan / Santalum Album), used in religious rituals for protection against evil.
- In Hinduism (हिंदू धर्म) and Ayuverda (आयुर्वेदः, Ayur venta), all varieties of Sandalwood (चंदन, Chandan/ Santalum Album) are used as sacred ingredients in Hindu (हिंदू) and Vedic (वैदिक) practices.