सोली धर्म तमांग हार / बुद्ध डाकिनी (लिलिथ)
- The Soli Dharma Tamang Haar (सोली धर्म तमांग हार) are inspired by the traditional Haar (हार / "necklaces") of the Tamang people (तमांग)

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The Tamang (तमांग) are the largest Tibetic ethnic group of Nepalis (नेपाली) and Indian Gorkhas (भारतीय गोरकास, Bharatiya Gorkhas).
They are traditionally Buddhist by religion and their languages are the fifth most spoken in Nepal (note all तमांग, Tamang languages are not mutually intelligible).
The Tamang (तमांग) are considered as one of the indigenous people of Nepal and India.

The Soli Dharma Tamang Haar/Buddha Dâkini - Lilith (सोली धर्म तमांग हार/ बुद्ध डाकिनी-लिलिथ) is made of fabric and tied in a symbolic, traditional way.
It is scented with Lilith Soli Dharma (लिलिथ सोली धर्म) to exude its beneficial and protective energy.
It bears integrated in its lacing, a vial of fortified Lilith Soli Dharma (लिलिथ सोली धर्म) that acts as a protection amulet.

Lilith or Black Moon (Lilith/Buddha Dâkini/Sangve Khado/Black Moon / लिलिथ) is a dark "sensitive" point of the Lunar orbit.

Lilith (लिलिथ) runs the Zodiac, like the Celestial Bodies, and her relationship with the Planets in our Natal Chart, significantly is affecting our psyche.
Lilith (लिलिथ) stays on every Zodiac Sign for about nine months and deletes the entire Zodiac in 8 years and 10 months.

Also, Lilith (लिलिथ) is associated with Karma (कर्म), the burdens that the Soul carries from Past Lives.