Handmade Bags in Greece by AMALTHEA athens, Limited Edition

70.00 €
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Mini Bag "Stripes & Leather", Waterproof or Cotton investment

Materials: Cotton & Leather details
Colours: Blue, Gray

AMALTHEA athens is the name of the excellent handbags` collection, designed by Elli Sfika.
Believing that everything, which is made by love, fills with positive energy, she offers us her excellent designs, whose she would like to take effect as "Amalthea's horns" for those who wear them.

She desires the AMALTHEA athens bags to be always filled with all the goods in the world.
That`s why the choice of the symbols they bear, as their materials, is not random.
Their symbols are originated from the "Sacred Knowledge" of the Ancient Greeks, while their materials reflect the abundance that every man desires.